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About us Established in 2007, A&N is now one of the major local intermodal freight companies. With a vast experience in the logistics and rail transport, A&N guarantees reliable and fast freight solutions to its customers. The Company operates on two major rail terminals in Romania, namely Curtici Railport Terminal and Ploiești Allianso Terminal, bothMore

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal Transport Intermodal is the most efficient option for long distance freight transport as it uses several modes of transportation to reduce logistics costs, downtime and environmental pollution. The main idea of this transport system is to consolidate the loads for an efficient long-haul carriage. This involves transporting goods in an intermodal container, using moreMore

Go Green

A&N – A company concerned about the environment The intermodal transport where the primary means used is the train represents the preferred way of delivering goods in the environmentally friendly logistics. A&N supports and promotes green transport as the environmental protection is one of the main objectives of its activity. Therefore, the following advantages ofMore

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