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Intermodal Transport

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal is the most efficient option for long distance freight transport as it uses several modes of transportation to reduce logistics costs, downtime and environmental pollution.

The main idea of this transport system is to consolidate the loads for an efficient long-haul carriage. This involves transporting goods in an intermodal container, using more than one type of transport, in A&N’s case, by rail and road, without any handling of the cargo when changing modes, thus remaining the most practical and safe option.

One of A&N’s main objectives is to protect the environment, a goal that can be reached easily by choosing combined transport where the train is the primary means used. This way, long distances are covered by railways, while the distances between the place of loading and the rail terminal, respectively between the destination terminal and the end customer are carried out by road transport, using a truck and a chassis container. Thereby, A&N can provide door-to-door service.

Since the trains always run on time, in any conditions, day and night, intermodal transport is the best choice both in terms of financial and when the demand for road freight transport is too high.


The main advantages of using intermodal transport are:

  • reduced carbon footprint
  • lower costs compared to road transport
  • reduced logistics costs
  • reduced downtime
  • increased load capacities compared to road transport
  • safe cargo
  • continuous transport, no traffic jams and restrictions
  • road traffic decongestion
  • protection against infrastructure overload
  • train GPS tracking


A&N provides rail transport on national and international routes for the following types of containers and tanks:


  • 20′
  • 40′
  • 40′ HC

ISO Tanks:

  • 20′
  • 23′
  • 24′
  • 26′
  • 30′
  • 40′

Rail services

The company offers rail services for the following goods:

  • general cargo
  • perishable goods
  • liquid cargo
  • petrochemicals
  • hazardous materials