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A&N offers trucking services to connect the cargo pick up points and the rail terminals, respectively the rail terminals and the delivery points, providing the most reliable and fast connections.

Simply put, trucking represents the transport of goods from the client to the rail terminal and/or from the destination terminal to the end customer.

In order to considerably reduce the negative environmental impact, trucking services are used to cover the shortest route segments, the long distances being carried by rail; this way the pollution level is much reduced.

Once the cargo is loaded into containers or tanks, it is transported by a truck and a container chassis to the nearest terminal where it will be transferred to an intermodal wagon. The longest distance is covered by rail transport and when the freight arrives at the destination terminal, it is taken up again by a truck in order to be transported by road to the point of delivery.

A&N supports its customers with the best solutions for the transport of their goods, providing fast, safe and reliable connections between intermodal and trucking.

The company works with highly professional staff and ISOPA certified drivers that have a wide experience in transporting ISO tanks and fluid materials, driving trucks equipped with compressor and ADR.


A&N provides trucking services on national and international routes for the following types of containers and tanks:


  • 20′
  • 40′
  • 45′ HC

ISO Tank:

  • 20′
  • 23′
  • 24′
  • 26′
  • 30′
  • 40′

Trucking services

The company offers trucking services for the following goods:

  • general cargo
  • perishable goods
  • liquid cargo
  • petrochemicals
  • hazardous materials